Dennis Helfrich

Born in Heidelberg, 1st May 1979.

2005-2009 Dipl. Media System Design (FH) at Hochschule Darmstadt.
Since 2010 based in Frankfurt am Main and working as a freelancer.

What I Love

Design, Typography, Art, StreetArt, Graffiti, Drawings, Skateboarding, Surfing, Synthesizer, Music, Ice cream, Red wine, Espresso

My motivation

I like easy to use and understandable Human-Maschine Interfaces. “Don’t make me think” Nobody wants read manuals, especially me. If an interface feels good, is easy to learn or may intuitive, then it's perfect. I want to understand, create, invent and improve new kinds of interfaces.
I also like good and clean design and any kind of smart ideas.

My skills

  • Photoshop +++
  • Illustrator +++
  • Indesign +++
  • Flash ++
  • 3D Studio Max +
  • Cinema4D ++
  • HTML +++
  • CSS +++
  • JavaScript ++
  • PHP, MySQL +
  • Arduino +++
  • Soundtools +++
  • German +++
  • English ++

What could I Do for you?

I do digital media things, like creating websites, screendesign, interfacedesign(automotive), ad banner and email advertisement, illustration, basic 3D visualisations, audio visual installations, sound. If you interested, you could hire me.